Thanks for stopping by , please feel free to explore the site!  Our goal at Panzerhaus GSD is to be a small breeding kennel of quality, sound, stable, health tested, correct confirmation and most importantly VERSATILE working line German Shepherds, capable of a wide variety of sports,  including but not limited to scent work, agility, flyball, dock diving, barn hunt, competition obedience, search and rescue ( SAR ) and active family companions with experienced handlers, and even service dog prospects. 

In order to achieve dogs capable of this we take great care in choosing the dogs we pair together.  All of the dogs at Panzerhaus have their hips and elbows evaluated through OFA, Pennhip or German Stamp Certified, as well as DM testing.   We strive to make sure the temperaments of our dogs are solid, because paired with a correct sound body, temperament is our number one concern!  Because of this we will only have one or two litters a year, to ensure the absolute best foundation we can offer to our puppies can be achieved.  Puppies will be CKC registered, vet checked, and micro-chipped as well as a written guarantee.   Our dogs are not only our sport dogs, but also our family companions, living in our house, and enjoying life with us!  We are located on a 35 acre private island located in Port Harvey, off Vancouver Island, BC Canada!