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  At Panzerhaus GSD is to be a small breeding program of quality, sound, stable, health tested, correct confirmation and most importantly VERSATILE working line German Shepherds, capable of a wide variety of sports, as well as active family companions. We breed for ourselves first and foremost, and will pair dogs together that have the traits to produce the qualities we strive for.  All of the dogs at Panzerhaus have their hips and elbows evaluated through OFA, and DM testing as well as any outside studs we use.  Our goal is that temperaments of our dogs are well rounded,  that they posses a clear head and are solid in environments of all kinds.  We aim to produce dogs with good handler focus, trainability and willingness to please,  drive for work, whatever that might be!  Our dogs regularly train, and compete in various sports, some for fun, some on a more serious level.  Our puppy raising includes the puppy culture protocols, sound and surface exposure, appropriate adults dogs, forest walks on our acreage, and visitors.  Due to our remote living pups even get to experience boat rides, atv vehicles, and so much more!  Puppies will be CKC limited registration ( non breeding ) , vet checked, first vaccination, and micro-chipped.  Our dogs are not only our sport dogs, but also our family companions, living in our house, and enjoying everyday life with us!  We are located on a 35 acre private island located in Port Harvey, off Vancouver Island, BC Canada!


It was a busy spring raising Cayas litter!  Pups went off to their new homes mid June and we are getting really great feedback thus far from their new owners! 

Moving forward we are delving deep into training with some big goals on the horizon.  We wont have any planned breedings for some time,  we will be focusing on training and trialing.  Check back for updates!

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