Yeti Von Panzerhaus

It is with a heavy heart that Yeti is looking for her forever home.  Yeti has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia in her Left hip,  likely due to injury as a young pup.  Due to this unfortunate news she is no longer able to participate in high impact sports and we believe it is in her best interest to be an active companion ( hiking, swimming, fetch, low impact sports ) with someone who has GSD experience!  She is a* very* busy young pup,  who does not let her hip hold her back in the least,  and therefore sometimes requires someone to slow her down when she gets wild and crazy!  You will rarely find this dog without a large stick or her kong in her mouth.  Yeti MUST be kept lean and fit as this will help avoid being symptomatic,  fed high quality food, given joint supplements through the course of her life.  Yeti's new people must commit to formal training, be that group classes, private or have extensive experience with handling working dogs.  Yeti will require spay at 16-18 months of age.  We would prefer she stay local, we will NOT ship her.

She is a cool dog and we are devastated this is the case, however she will make someone a great partner,  she has alot to give, she is incredibly smart , driven (medium/high drive ) she has an excellent nose and would EXCEL at nosework .

Date of birth: Nov 08. 2020



Yeti is :

Currently 8.5 months (July 2021) 

Crate trained

ecollar conditioned

pinch collar trained 

started on tracking

foundation for focus heel

Great toy and food drive

social with our pack

If you think you might be interested in her, and you fit the description above, please feel free to email and we can chat.