The Girls

Anja Von Vogelhaus

Call name: Panzer

Sire: Athos Smolkovsky les

Dam: Frida Od Janice

DOB: June 21, 2018

Hips: OFA  Good

Elbows: OFA Normal

DM: Carrier/Not affected

Weight 62 lbs

Titles : Flyball : FD ( pb of 4.1)

              :Agility: SGDC

Coat: Sable carries for black

Link to pedigree database: Click here

Panzer is the foundation bitch for Panzerhaus GSD.  Panzer is one very special dog.  She has exactly the temperment we are striving to reproduce here at Pazerhaus.   She is a highly intelligent dog, with incredicle capacity for learning.  She was owner/handler trained with the intentions of becoming a service dog for PTSD, and stress and anxiety.   Panzer excels at being completely neutral in public situations, nothing phases her.   She has flown in cabin on a international flight,  ridden on boats,  attended formal functions, spent a week in Las Vegas on the strip with all of the chaos that includes.  Panzer is also a fantastic working dog.  She has awesome drive, and is a relentless worker when asked to be.  She is fully trained and titled in the sports of Agility, and Flyball.   She has the biggest heart of any dog I've ever had the privilege of having in my life, and I cannot thank Vogelhaus GSD for entrusting this wonderful dog to us allowing us to embark on creating our own breeding program with the vision to produce amazing dogs like Panzer.

Panzer will be bred in Fall/Winter 2021.  Contact for more info!

Up and Coming

Banelli Od Vecne Stesti

Call name : SQU!RREL

Sire: Frodo Od Janice

Dam: Dark Fall Zlatuse

DOB:January 03, 2020




Weight: 56 pounds

Coat: Black and Tan

Link to pedigree database: Click here

SQU!RREL is a VERY exciting addition to Panzerhaus GSD.  Squ!rrel's sire is Panzers uncle!  With Panzer being my dream dog, when I got the opportunity to have another dog with those genetics I had to jump on it and so far I could not be happier with my choice.  She reminds me of Panzer in more ways than one.  Shes sassy, she's extremely intelligent,  very quick to learn and pick up new skills on things we are working on.  The future is very bright with her and im over the moon shes here!


Squ!rrel is 9 months old now and actively training in Agility.  We attended our first seminar with Shape up! in August and she was phenomenal!  She is an incredibly fast learner and extremely handler focused.  I think the future is very bright for this girl!

JANUARY  20. 2021 : Squ!rrel is booked for OFA hip and elbow prelims.  

Yeti Von Panzerhaus

Call Name: Yeti

Sire: Xly Z Canczech

Dam: Anja Von Vogelhaus

DOB: November 08, 2020



Dm: Clear


Coat: Sable, carries for black and Long Coat

Link to pedigree database: Click here

Yeti is from our Mythical Creatures Litter.  My goals for Yeti are IGP, and Agility, and an addition to the breeding program in a few years,  I'm so excited to see how she develops!