Stud Dogs

Noorie Von Wendelin 

call name: Oryx

Sire: Haakon vom Moerfelder Land

Dam: Ginger Von Wendelin

DOB: March 05, 2019

Hips: OFA Fair

Elbows: OFA Normal

DM:Carrier/not affected

Titles: BH-VT


Oryx carries for Long Coat

Oryx is a solid male at 88 lbs but very balanced and agile for his size.  He has a nice square masculine head.  Oryx is aloof with strangers, but once he gets to know you hes very sweet and affectionate.  He has intense toy drive, as well as medium food drive.   He goes to work daily with my husband and its extremely well behaved whether they are in the office or out at a jobsite.  He is currently training for IGP, with goals to attain an  IGP 1 in the spring 2022.  He has come a long way in his training in a short time and I'm so excited to see what we can accomplish. He is a potential stud for our program.


anser vom woodwolf

Call name: Goo$e

Sire: Duplo Vom Wolf's Canyon

Dam: Gitte De Lupo

DOB: Nov 27, 2020

Hips: TBD




Coat: Pattern Sable, Carries for blanket back black and tan, bicolor

Link to Pedigree Database: Click here

Were so excited to welcome Goo$e to Panzerhaus from Woodwolf Kennels in Augusta, GA.  Goo$e is our first west german working line long coat shepherd, and long awaited at that! Hes a chatty little guy with a big personality and we are excited to see how he matures and we will hopefully participate in IGP as well as whatever else he excels at.  Goo$e will be a welcomed addition to the breeding program in a few years time pending all health testing. 

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